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Welcome to the MPA Pool players web Site.

The 2013-2014 season has come to an end

It was a great season and we cannot thank the players that supported us enough!

It is the players that make the MPA and with your contiued support the MPA will only get bigger and better.

The MPA Season Final at Black Bear is over.

We had a great turnout, the largest MPA event yet.

With 164 - 9 ball palyers, 462 - 8 Ball players, 117 Teams and 45 Teams in the hard luck. This will be hard to beat, .... until next year!

Check out the results and see how your favorites did!

The season is over but we will still be posting MPA sanctioned league events that happen during the summer, so remember to check back here from time to time to see whats up in the off season.

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Upcoming Tournaments
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Rum River Pool league
Captains Open 8-Ball Tournament
Fri, May 02, 2014
Captain's Bar - On Long Lake - 8-Ball Tournament
Long Lake - Isanti, MN
Six 7' Valley Bar Tables. Limited to 32 Players
Open Singles 8 Ball - Starts on Friday at 07:00 PM - Check In starts at 06:00 PM.
AA/A/B/C - Entry $20.00    
$20/Player entry fee - includes $10 green fee
$100 Added @ full field of 32 players
For Information Call Rick @ 763-370-7220
For more info, or to sign up online, go to

This is Not an MPA Sponsored tournament. This tournament will be run by the MPA Sanctioned League.
Magnifying glass  
2014 Wisconsin BCAPL State Championships
Wed, May 07, 2014 - Sun, May 11, 2014
Wisconsin BCA State Championships @ Chula Vista
Wisconsin Dells
Men Singles 9 Ball - Starts on Wednesday at 07:30 PM - Check In starts at 04:00 PM.
A - Entry $65.00     B - Entry $55.00     AA - Entry $75.00    
Women Singles 9 Ball - Starts on Wednesday at 07:30 PM - Check In starts at 04:00 PM.
Master/A - Entry $65.00     B - Entry $50.00    
Women Team 8 Ball - Starts on Wednesday at 08:45 PM - Check In starts at 04:00 PM.
Master - Entry $300.00     A - Entry $260.00     B - Entry $240.00    
Men Singles 10 Ball - Starts on Wednesday at 09:00 PM - Check In starts at 04:00 PM.
Master - Entry $85.00    
Men Singles 8 Ball - Starts on Thursday at 01:00 PM - Check In starts at 10:00 AM.
Master - Entry $100.00     AA - Entry $80.00     A - Entry $70.00     B - Entry $60.00    
Women Singles 8 Ball - Starts on Thursday at 07:00 PM - Check In starts at 10:00 AM.
Master - Entry $75.00     A - Entry $65.00     B - Entry $55.00    
Open Senior's 50+ (No Masters) - Starts on Friday at 09:00 AM - Check In starts at 08:00 AM.
AA/A/B - Entry $60.00    
Men Team 8 Ball - Starts on Friday at 06:30 PM - Check In starts at 04:00 PM.
Master/AA - Entry $400.00     A - Entry $325.00     B - Entry $275.00    
This tournament will be directed by Scott & John
You must be a Wisconsin BCA member to participate
There will be a $20.00 late fee for registrations received after April 02, 2014

Chula Vista
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A word about credit cards.

I have had some complaints about the 5% service charge we put on credit card usage.

Credit cards are a lot of work! But they are also a convience for the players, particularily the Canadian players.

I have attempted to put notices and even line items for the charge, so it is clear, before you click the button to charge the event on your card.

If you call me to do this on the phone I attempt to make that charge clear, however, if we get off on some conversation topic I may forget, and I am sorry if you were not aware of the service charge.

I don't like this service charge, but if we were to remove it we would have to raise the entry on all players, 2-5 dollars for singles and $15 for teams just to cover the overhead for accepting credit cards for some of the players.

So if the service charge is worth the 5%, please use it. If not, send us a check.

Credit Card Policy

It seems like all I do is make comments about credit cards. They are a real convenience for a lot of players so we want to continue taking them.

For the most part I haven't had much trouble other than people forgetting that NorSoft Consulting does the credit cards and that is what shows up on the statement.

There has been several incedents where players have tried to get the charges reversed. Well this is a pain since I need to get receipts and send them to bank, not to mention the forms that accompany them.

The thing that these incedents all have in common is that they were using someone elses credit card. SO this year the name and billing address for the credit card being used will need to match the name and address we have on file for the player. The only way you will be able to get around this is to call us with the credit card information and explain why the names do not match.

When you get a minute.

So if you are an individual or a league operator make sure you understand the sanctioning rules for the upcoming by reading the 2011-2012 sanctioning guide.


We would appreciate comments and suggestions on what we have or what content, as a pool player, you would like to see on this site. Send comments to us at MPAPool.