Sanctioned League Index

Only the leagues on this page have sanctioned with MPA. Note that not all the leagues sanction all of their players so you need to check the members list to make sure your sanction fee was paid by your league. If you are not in the list, and you think you should be, you will need to take this up with your league officer.

Name Description Officer Status EMail Address Web Page
AAA America Amusement Arcades Dawn Orloff-Niesen Sanctioned Members
AACTIVE Pool League Th Night Mixed League Scott Morgan Sanctioned None Members
ACE Billiards League Handicapped Pool League David Whyte Sanctioned None None Members
Amusement Devices AmusementDevice, Inc. None Specified Sanctioned Members
APA Twin Cities APA Leagues Travis "Oz" Ostlund Sanctioned None None Members
Apple River Pool League Monday night 4 person league Ronald G. Robb Sanctioned None None Members
Aspen Aspen Video & Vending None Specified Sanctioned None Members
Barrel Inn Thirsty Thursday 6-team Inhouse 8-Ball League Richard Carbon Sanctioned None None Members
Chalk Talk Special John Stich Sanctioned None None Members
Dean Superior Dean SuperiorVending None Specified Sanctioned Members
Donivan's Vending Donivan's Vending None Specified Sanctioned Members
Duluth MPA Duluth MPA Pool League Bob "Monty" Montgomery Sanctioned None Members
Fred's Amusing Games Fred's Amusing Games None Specified Sanctioned None None Members
FW65 So Metro American Amusement Arcades Dawn Orloff-Niesen Sanctioned None Members
Games Unltd None Marc Oelslager Sanctioned Members
Hazelwood Hazelwood Leagues Matt Zasmeta Sanctioned None Members
HazelWood Hazelwood Corporation None Specified Sanctioned Members
Individual Players who paid individually John Stich Sanctioned None None Members
IOWA ACS Iowa ACS state league Richard Splude Sanctioned None None Members
Jacoby Friday Night 8-Ball 8-Ball League Richard Splude Sanctioned None None Members
Leisure Entertainment Leisure Entertainment Bob Thomas Sanctioned Members
Liberty Coin Liberty Coin Minnesota Pastime None Specified Sanctioned Members
M1Pool League Montgomery singles league Bob Tuma Sanctioned None None Members
M8 Ultimate Pool Leagues Scott J. Barrett Sanctioned Members
Mendota Valley None Joel J. Morrissette Sanctioned None None Members
Midwest Coin None Ryan Schleicher Sanctioned Members
MN Valley None Mike Fox Sanctioned None None Members
MPBA CR's in house George L. Bissonnette Sanctioned None None Members
Music Service MG Leagues None Specified Sanctioned Joe Sefrna | None Members
Musivend MUSIVEND None Specified Sanctioned Members
Northern Amusement Northern Amusement Darin Meyer Sanctioned Members
Northswest Coin Northwest Coin None Specified Sanctioned Members
Rochus Amusement Rochus Amusement None Specified Sanctioned None Members
Rollin 8's 8 ball league John Ohnesorge Sanctioned None Members
Rum River None Rick D. Gelle Sr Sanctioned None Members
Schwartz Music Schwartz Music & Game, LLC None Specified Sanctioned None Members
Selectomatic Thunder Bay Pool League Jodi Mason Sanctioned None None Members
Shooters Shooter Billiarads Carl A. Moore Sanctioned None Members
Smitty Music & game Smitty Music & game None Specified Sanctioned None Members
Stansfield Vending Stansfield Vending Ryan Semlar Sanctioned Members
Summit Amusement Summit Amusement None Specified Sanctioned Members
Superior Trailblazers Mixed league - handicapped Dave -. Marincel Sanctioned Members
Superior Vending Biff's In-House League Cory D. Kravik Sanctioned Members
Williamson Music Williamson Music None Specified Sanctioned Members